Conference at fcg lörrach

from October 3rd to 6th, 2024

From October 3 to 6, 2024, the “Heaven Come” conference will take place at fcg lörrach. For everyone who wants to experience heaven, regardless of age, background or denomination. We look forward to learning and experiencing more about God together with you.

With Ingolf Ellßel, Konstantin Kruse and others.
More information coming soon!

The transformation of our hearts happens through the love of God. Through this, faith grows and we get a new perspective that changes our environment.
 This conference is not only a spiritual highlight for a weekend. Whoever experiences God’s presence and closeness will never be the same again.

We are looking forward to “Heaven come” – be part of it!

All sessions are held in English and German

Conference is free of charge

No registration required

Conference speakers

Pastor Ingolf Ellssel

Pastor Ingolf Ellsel is a well-known German Protestant minister and former president of the Federation of Free Pentecostal Churches (BFP). He is highly regarded for his inspiring sermons and his commitment to the Free Church Pentecostal movement. Ellsel has written numerous books and is a regular speaker at Christian conferences and events.

Konstantin Kruse

(Ecclesia Church)

Konstantin Kruse is the pastor of Ecclesia Church, a growing and dynamic congregation with two locations in Nuremberg and Erlangen. Around 1000 worshippers attend the Ecclesia Church every Sunday.
Konstantin is married to Judith and together they have two daughters, Lotta Anouk and Ida Marie. His passion is to preach the gospel and challenge this generation to live fully for Jesus.

Coming soon

Information & Schedule

Admission to the events is free. During the conference, voluntary collections will be taken to cover the costs. There are restaurants and fast food outlets in the surrounding area, but we will not be able to provide meals on site. If required, a list of hotels in the surrounding area can be requested via the contact form.

Schedule coming soon!

  • Friday, September 30

    8pm: Opening Session with Ed Traut

  • Saturday, October 1

    10 AM: Session with Ed Traut
    4 PM: Session with Jeff Collins / Prophecy-Seminar with Ed Traut (personal invitation)
    7 PM: Prophetic Prayer
    8 PM: Session with Jeff Collins

  • Sunday, October 2

    ­09:15 AM: First Service with Matthias Truttmann
    11:30 AM: Second Service with Jeff Collins
    7 PM: Prophetic Prayer
    8 PM: Session with Matthias Truttmann

  • Monday, October 3

    10:00 AM: Closing Session with Matthias Truttmann


If you have questions or suggestions for the conference, get in touch with us here!